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The Couvent d’Ossau

Jean-Marc and Mylène, owners of the stopover gîte Le Couvent d’Ossau, humbly aim to enable, through their welcome and accommodation, the sharing of simple and authentic moments where people meet and appreciate each other around the same small pleasures.

“Over the years and hikes, we have accumulated precious, emotionally strong memories, made of vividly colored landscapes and beautiful human encounters, the ones that touch, move, soothe, and enrich.

Ephemeral and unforgettable, these moments of life bring people together and unite them…

We want to offer small regenerating breaks in the OSSAU VALLEY.

For 30 years, we have experienced these small pleasures and great emotions while traversing the hiking trails.

From our itinerant journeys, we keep the memory of warm, convivial welcomes that restore and rejuvenate after a day of effort and fatigue. Today, we want to offer this comfort to the guests of the Couvent d’Ossau and facilitate encounters between mountain lovers who practice and respect it.

We were charmed by this building located in the heart of the charming village of Louvie-Juzon and nestled against the Rey mountain, which both invites and challenges us… We immediately felt the warm welcome of the people of Béarn.

We want to preserve the soul of this place that has welcomed various populations over time.

From the nuns to the present day, the COUVENT has contributed to the education of young girls, recreational activities for the village children, and welcoming holidaymakers…

Jean-Marc and Mylène

The Couvent d’Ossau is open all year round to also accommodate specific projects from the associative or business sectors. Study days, seminars, working groups, professional practice analysis, workshops, …

For your comfort

The reception hall allows you to relieve yourself of backpacks, hiking shoes, poles, rain gear, helmets, jackets, boots, skis, snowshoes… It secures cyclists’ bikes, who can carry out maintenance and minor repairs on site.

Dedicated spaces allow for the secure storage and centralization of the equipment of “itinerants”. To protect everyone from the invasion of bedbugs, we provide individual bins for your personal belongings allowed in the rooms and showers.

Crocs are also available for those who haven’t brought indoor shoes.

From this reception hall, the laundry room is at your disposal (€3 for the washing machine and €3 for the dryer).

Stopover gîte Le Couvent d'Ossau in Louvie-Juzon